wHaT’s tHiS? . . . . . . . . . pArT tWo. . . .

1.  wHaT’s tHiS?


 Pick one:

a.  These decorative rings are at the front of a local New London shopping mall.

b.  The rings are 10 feet and 42 feet in diameter, respectively.

c. These  two rings mirror the diameters of the Navy’s first submarine (1900), USS HOLLAND (SS-1), and its largest submarine (1981), USS OHIO (SSBN/GN-726).

Answer: b and c

Overview: After Cooperstown, we arrived in New London, CT and stayed for a week at the submarine base.The USS NAUTILUS (SSN 571) museum is outstanding and it shows an excellent piece of U.S. history as the NAUTILUS was the first nuclear submarine and the first submarine to navigate the North Pole. Below is a link and a picture of the NAUTILUS.





2.  wHaT’s tHiS?


Pick one:

a.  A beautiful home at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut with the fog r0lling in.

b.  A  photo of a beautiful home at Mystic Seaport smeared with Smitty’s suntan lotion.

Answer: b

Overview: While at New London we visited Mystic Seaport. We spent the day taking a lot of photos for the blog.

Unfortunately, before we took the first photo, Mr. Kodak put on his suntan lotion and then managed to smear the camera lens!!! Thus, the entire days worth of photos were ruined! So. . . .we returned the next day and re-photographed Mystic!

In a nutshell, Mystic was a marvelous experience and represented the typical small coastal seaport town that is so common in the east. Below is a link and some more pictures.




The little steamer Sabino.

The little steamer Sabino.

 Louise and I took a 30 minute bay trip on the Sabino. This is a great deal. If you go, the cost is only about $5 if you have museum tickets!

The Gerda III

The Gerda III

 Docked right next to the Sabino is the Gerda III. Gerda III has a real interesting background. It was used in 1943 to smuggle ~ 300 Jews from Nazi occupied Denmark to Sweden. The 1928 workboat was featured in the 1991 film, A Day in October. Mystic Seaport now maintains Gerda III, which at one time was supposedly donated to The Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC by the Danish Parliament.

Mystic Seaport has a wonderful figurehead museum!

Mystic Seaport has a wonderful figurehead museum!


Farewell Mystic Seaport!


3.  wHaT’s tHiS?


Pick one:

a.  Admiral Frank Leamy once said that “Strength of Character is formed in the Unyielding Mold of Obedience, Loyalty, and Honor”.

b.  A United States president gave the commencement speech in the Admiral Frank Leamy Hall at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy for graduating seniors.

c.   Admiral Leamy was the Superintendent of the Coast Guard Academy from 1957-1961.

Answer: a, b and c

Overview: While exploring the beautiful U.S. Coast Guard Academy campus in New London, CT, we visited “Leamy Hall”.

What a wonderful experience as Admiral Leamy’s son Frank, and his wife Charlotte, are San Diego friends dating from Louise’s teaching years. Louise and Char taught in the same school for several years and share many fond memories of their teaching “exploits” together!

In fact, we not only saw Leamy Hall, but the door was left unlocked so we went inside and checked it out. It’s a beautiful building that houses the USCG band and they provide a concert series there on a regular basis. One small section houses the Chaplain’s office. Rumor has it that the basket of chocolates just outside the Chaplain’s door may be missing a few Krackle bars!

In closing, it was an honor to see Leamy Hall. As a Coast Guard pilot in the 1930’s, then LT. Leamy was the second Coast Guardsman to earn the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for a daring rescue of a critically injured man from a fishing trawler. Admiral Leamy later served as a distinguished Superintendent of the Academy in the 50’s and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.



4.  wHaT’s tHiS?


Pick one:

a.  The east coast reminder that the summer sailing season has begun!

b.  A further reminder of the age old phrase-

‘Sailing. . . . .

. . . . the slowest, most expensive way to travel third class’  

c. Sailboat jack stands at Scituate harbor waiting the Winter lay up season. 

Answer: a, b, and c

OverviewSince late March Louise and I situated ourselves on the east coast, and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. But our time on the eastern seaboard ended Sunday the 27th of July when we finished packing our car and left our Fourth Cliff one bedroom efficiency to start our westward adventure.

As such, on the 26th I wanted to scout around. For a week we had driven past a quaint harbor called Scituate, just minutes from Fourth Cliff. It’s in an area called the Boston South Shore, situated midway between Plymouth and Boston. In fact, Louise and I had already been there once, but I wanted to return to take some pictures.

Hence, while snooping around a marina I saw these jack stands that are used to store boats during the winter. . .something not done in San Diego! In seeing these, they seemed to have an idyllic effect, an almost poetic reminder of the seasons. . .

Below are some more pictures.

Scituate on a beautiful July morning

Scituate on a beautiful July morning

Scituate seaside home.

Scituate seaside home.


6.  wHaT’s tHiS?


Pick one:

a.  In reference to Louise’s Walter Mitty aspirations, Louise is ready  NOW to try out for the NBA!

b.  Louise’s armspan for a 5’6″ person is average (66″).

c.  The NBA Hall of Fame museum is more “hands on” than the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Answer:  b and c, however you never know about a!

Overview: While spending five nights at Westover AFB  in Chickopee, MA (near Springfield), we visited the NBA Hall of Fame, our 2nd Hall of Fame experience.

The Springfield NBA Hall of Fame is much different than the Cooperstown MLB Hall of Fame.  As opposed to Cooperstown, the NBA Hall of Fame  has several interactive elements.

Their interactive elements include an entire first floor made up of several basketball courts, with hoops at all heights so EVERYONE can learn how to dunk a ball. One of the 2nd floor exhibits is the “wingspan” exhibit (above) where you can compare yourself to these sports GIANTS!

Below is the link and some more pics:


Shaq's size 23 shoes!

Shaq’s size 23 shoes!

Wilt's 25,000th point. . .

Wilt’s 25,000th point. . .


The NBA HOF has a wide variety of memorabilia.

The NBA HOF has a wide variety of memorabilia.


The American flag made out of basketball shoes!

The American flag made out of basketball shoes!

Summary: The Hall of Fame showed 1 hour movies of the lives of famous players. We saw the movie about Charles Barkely. At first we didn’t have high expectations of spending an hour watching this, but believe it or not it became the highlight of the day, especially for Louise.

We have two Hall of Fames to go, the NFL in Canton, Ohio and the Rock and Roll in Cleveland Ohio. Fortunately, when we are at Youngstown AFB in Vienna, Ohio, we’ll only  be one hour from each of these.

Cheers, Smitty and Louise





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