Our blog begins…….


Road Trip starts 3/15/14

Road Trip starts 3/15/14

Lunch at the Royal Palms


Now that we are settled in Alexandria, we can finally start to use the blog to communicate with friends and family! Jeff has experienced  a few medical issues along the way. A cracked tooth and two weeks later a flu virus that took us on a trip to the hospital.  All is well right now and we can get back to normal. At least normal for us….

On March 15 we started our adventure and spent the first night in Palm Springs. At lunch time we met with Louise’s high school friend Gayle and her friend Greg. We had lunch on the patio of The Colony Palms hotel. This charming old hotel was frequented by Hollywood elite back in the day. Gayle and Louise had not seen each other in over 43 years or so!  Amazingly,  some friends can pick up where they left off as if it were yesterday!  During our evening in Palm Springs we met with Jeff’s sister, Shelley who has recently moved there from Northern California. We shared a lovely dinner at Las Casuelas  Terraza. It is a charming venue with lovely patios. This restaurant is   just right for a few drinks and enjoying music while gazing at the desert night time sky.

Yes, the photos are not in proportion and to put it mildly— could be improved upon! Try as I may to resize and move them ……that will happen in the future.

Jeff will be composing the next part which includes a visit to NASA’s control room and the Titan II ICBM museum.


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5 Responses to Our blog begins…….

  1. supernova92113 says:

    Hello Smitty and Louise, wonderful to see you two again. I’m glad to hear Smitty is doing better. It’s such a great feeling to see friends you haven’t seen in many years. I’m sure you guys had a lot to talk about. Just wanted to drop you two a few lines to say hello and see how your travels are going. Nice to see your smiling faces again. I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear about the places you visit. Wishing you guys safe travels and many new friends along the way. Take care 🙂

  2. Louise and Jeff says:

    Hi Nova
    Thank you for your kind wishes. We hope you are doing well and enjoying some warm weather.
    Louise and Jeff

  3. BayBoomer says:

    JeLo, Hope everything is good and you’re enjoying the trip! Continued safe travels….~S

  4. Sharon says:

    Hello Smitty ~ I’m excited to read about your adventures. As for me, I’m heading to Las Vegas this weekend (my second trip this year). ~ S

  5. Smitty says:

    Hi Sharon, glad you made it to our blog! I hope you have a great time in Vegas. Say hi to everyone in the shop for me! Cheers, Smitty