The U.S. White House. . .Under 2nd Base???!!!

The U.S. White House. . .Under 2nd Base???!!!

Okay, where’s the punchline. . . .?


Baseball field at Fort Myer in Arlington, VA

Nope, NO JOKE! The U.S. White House may indeed be under 2nd base at the Fort Myer baseball field! This is a great and  little known story.

Read on. . .


Fort Myer. Fort Myer is very close to where we are staying and has a lineage that dates to the Civil War period.  We use the exchange, gym, commissary and Officer’s Club (“O” Club) there. It is a lovely base. The base’s website link is at the bottom of this story and will explain some of its interesting history and how it traces back to General Robert E. Lee.

What’s the story?  Recently, we stumbled into a story written by Sean Holton, from the Orlando Sentinel Washington Bureau, (Orlando Sentinel, March 26, 1994) explaining  how the original White House “rubble” is most likely under the Fort Myer baseball diamond. 

. . . What rubble? I’m not going to delve into the story, except to say that after WWII, President Truman charted a course for the White House’s complete reconstruction.

Apparently, the outside pretty much remained intact, but the interior was gutted. Where did the interior of the White House go with all of that history? Sean’s story is well written, very believable, and is a MUST READ ! Baseball anyone? (link below):


Getting the picture.  After reading the story, it was time to travel to the base and take pictures of the ball field. You can tell we are retired as this would never have made it onto our typical “What are we going to do today?” checklist.

 In order to get rid of the guilt of guzzling gas just for this occasion, we combined the ball field photo session with a trip over to the “O” Club for a deli lunch and to sign up for the Mother’s Day Brunch.

Since I really like the architecture of several buildings on the base (which date back to the late 1800’s), I figured I’d also take a few base pictures.



                                                           The Fort Myer “O” Club


                                                                      Typical Housing

Several famous Generals have called Fort Myer their home, such as Generals Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and George C. Marshall.

Cheers! Louise and Smitty



1. Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall history (official website)

2.  Orlando Sentinal article dated March 26, 1994





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4 Responses to The U.S. White House. . .Under 2nd Base???!!!

  1. k g cupp says:

    Hope you are attending the “reopening” of the Wash Monument Monday.

  2. Smitty says:

    Great idea! I understand getting tickets is hard, may wait awhile if we go….

  3. Mike Kirkpatrick says:

    Aha…I had seen a bit about the White House extreme makover on the History Channel lately.

  4. Smitty says:

    Mike, it’s a great story isn’t it? That Orlando Sentinel story says it all, Cheers, Smitty